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Charlton Hayes Parish Campaign

We are pleased to announce that we have support from all Charlton Hayes District Councillors for our campaign.

Dear Resident,

We, your local councillors Brian, Jo and Sanjay, are writing to you to enlist your help in progressing our campaign for Charlton Hayes to form a stand-alone parish council for the area you elected us in. As promised we, together with other concerned residents, are now working towards initiating a public consultation to separate from Patchway Town Council. We have been prompted by you and from our own experiences to set out the following.

  • Patchway Town Council is one of the most expensive councils in the South Gloucestershire area, charging residents the third highest precept in the district.
  • Patchway Town Council insist on making Charlton Hayes residents pay an extortionate precept – one that is set to increase by a further 17%+ this year – despite the fact that NONE of that money is used to maintain or make improvements to that area – this responsibility still sits with the maintenance-fee charging developer until 10 years after completion of the development. So you have to pay TWICE for local services with the money you pay to Patchway Town Council not being spent in Charlton Hayes.
  • Five years ago, Stoke Lodge and the Common left Patchway, who were given plenty of notice as the event took place following three years of work. Despite this extensive amount of time, the loss of precept income and loss of a large area they need to maintain, no attempt was made to reduce the costly amount of staff maintained by the Town Council. This is a cost that is incurred by you.

As your local councillors, we have initiated a number of worthwhile projects in our ward – getting several older streets resurfaced, campaigning for better street lighting and more public bins to name a few – but we are not pleased that of the taxes you pay to Patchway Town Council each year, not a single penny is spent on your streets.

Under the Localism Act, there is more and more that local parishes can achieve under their own steam. While Charlton Hayes has been a cash cow to the rest of Patchway with extortionate precepts, it has seen nothing in return.

Many, if not the majority of properties in Charlton Hayes have to pay Parish Rates of £189.27 this year, one of the highest precepts in South Gloucestershire, while neighbouring Parish and Town Councils in Stoke Gifford and Stoke Lodge and the Common pay less than half that.

When we were elected last May to represent the people of Charlton Hayes on South Gloucestershire Council, we made it clear we wanted to see this community independent of Patchway. Many residents have continued to ask us as your local Councillors to approach the Boundary Commission to allow us to form a new Parish – their Parish. If we pull away from Patchway, we believe this growing and flourishing area could manage its own affairs well to the advantage of its residents and for far less money that it is costing you at this present time.

We have no doubt that some Patchway Town Councillors will do their best to prevent this happening and will make suggestions and promises to residents that they will most likely not be able to deliver. However, you now have a chance to keep what taxes you pay here in Charlton Hayes rather than being spent elsewhere. This is your decision and your chance to do what is best for Charlton Hayes.

Yours sincerely,

Your District Councillors – Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu

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